This past year the girls have been to Woodlands Adventure in Walsall, where they had a fantastic time on the climbing wall, zip wire over the lake and we won't mention the canoeing, there wasn't a dry piece of clothing between us by the time we had finished.



In 2017 we took a stand at the Bournville Festival where the girls set up various games to play and prizes to win as a fundraising event. Next year we hope to do more of these events.

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Each year all the Brigades in the Birmingham District take part in the Tompkinson Challenge. This is a fun packed challenge where the girls have to make up a team where their combined ages cannot exceed 100 years and have to carry out various tasks each year, such as eating a doughnut suspended from a string with no hands.

This year one of our teams, "Two Fat Ladies" (because their ages added up to 88) won the trophy.

Well done girls. 

Festivals 2018

Again in 2018 we had a stall at the Bournville Festival and at Northfield Carnival, where we had a very successful Teddy Tombola, seeing both young and old walk off with a selection of teddies, as well as reminiscing with ex-members of both GB and BB from all around the country. We spoke with lots of new recruits who are looking to start with us in September.